Space Story

Clementi 3-Room

One is a Chinese from Hong Kong and the other a Singaporean Malay. They have different tastes and culture that they each strongly want to inject in their new home. But how they come to compromise is the memories of their last travel to the Holy land for their mini pilgrimage, together as a family with their little one in tow. They wanted a piece of the holy land in their home to feel and be blessed of the time together. We infused in the arc and the Modern Islamic features in our designs.

Adil also wanted to have marble incorporated in the design of the feature wall/TV console for him to be proud and reminded of his Chinese roots.

We listen and bring this all together. A minimalist design, we took into consideration the space planning and of course a simple design, to make it easier for the young mother to upkeep the home and care for her toddler daughter.

Every home has its story. It is unique. It is a collaboration of inspiration with the homeowners. This is their real story. We do not do home staging or heavily photoshop what we capture on camera. We let you see all.

Thank you Adil & Khadijah for trusting 3Bai3 Creative Works Pte Ltd to renovate your dream home into reality!

Type: Clementi 3-Room
Owner(s): Adil Yau & Khadijah AR
Project Designer / Coordinator: Harry / Hermanto

Fajar Hills 4-Room

This couple knows what they wanted, from the designs and the finishes, they have it all envisioned, we reckoned from sleepless nights surfing the internet for ideas. It made our work a little easier as they have a firmed concept. All we need is to advise on the practicality and alternatives to suit their budget.

With their love for raw materials like wood, metal and Erwan’s self-drawn art pieces complement nicely to the renovation design. We would call this nordic-influenced design characterised by simplicity, functionality and minimalism and above all, timeless and classy design.

Thank you Erwan & Ainon for trusting 3Bai3 Creative Works Pte Ltd to renovate your dream home into reality!

Type: Fajar Hills 4-Room
Owner(s): Ainon Talib & Erwan Gunawan
Project Designer / Coordinator: Haimi Fadli

Compassvale Crescent 4-Room

A beautiful and bold choice in clean and seamless finishes! Thank you Ashraf & Faezah for engaging 3Bai3 Creative Works Pte Ltd to build your dream home!

Type: Compassvale Crescent 4-Room
Owner(s): Ashraf & Faezah
Project Designer / Coordinator: Harry


When industrial meets the 80s, the result is exceptionally phenomenal. Let your home be the centre of the conversation, it speaks for itself!

Type: Punggol 4-Room
Owners: Faizal & Salena
Project Designer / Coordinator: Harry

You can make your dream home a reality too with 3Bai3 Creative Works!


Every house has a story to tell. This house is no exception except the home owner’s journey is somewhat heartwarming. The modern simplicity home designed with wall decals of inspirations and prayers in every open walls to remind the home owners of The Creator.

Thank you Ratnawati for choosing 3Bai3 Creative Works Pte Ltd. We hope the bond you build together will be stronger and the love resides till Jannah. Insya Allah.

Type: Upper Serangoon 3-Room
Owner(s): Ratnawati
Project Designer / Coordinator: Haimi Fadli

This is their love story and sacrifice, what is yours?